Behold Messiah is a publisher of Christian books and free web content in written and video forms.

Behold Messiah began in New Zealand during 2021 as a way to promote the good news of Jesus Christ, and to shine light on the darkness of the Antichrist. Founder Kenneth McRae published the book "Seed of Satan: Antichrist" on January 31, 2021, and the second entry "Seed of God: Jesus Christ" on September 14, 2021.

Behold Messiah will endeavour to provide regular free content from writers of different backgrounds and educations, and to build a community of believers united in faith for Jesus Christ as the Messiah of both Israel and the Gentiles.

We welcome Christians of all backgrounds and beliefs to engage with and contribute to the conversation. With that being said, you can expect from our work a slant or bias towards the continuing importance of Israel in salvation history, and a prophetic outlook of the world which naturally places Israel—and its national salvation—at the forefront.